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Bankruptcy Alternatives

Sometimes, our clients wish to avoid bankruptcy. We work closely with them to figure out the best path forward. First, we send notices to the creditors, demanding that they cease communication with our clients. This stops all harassing phone calls about any past due payments. Then, we get to know the client's financial situation and compile a list of all debts and identify our goal settlement terms. We then begin working with the lenders and negotiating settlements. In the meantime, our clients do not have to worry about any collection calls, or making their monthly debt payments. Rather, they can focus on saving their money and repairing their financial situation.

Some of our recent results include:
  • Commerce Bank: $17,000 debt settled for $4,400
  • Chase Bank: $26,000 debt settled for $11,000
  • US Bank: $9,500 settled for $4,000
For almost ten years, our office has been helping consumers deal with their debts. By representing consumers and negotiating with lenders, we developed relationships with lenders and are able to negotiate very favorable settlements for our clients. We work with many large lenders such as: Chase, Capital One, Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, Commerce Bank, US Bank, and many more. 

Our aggressive advocacy often results in settlements of the debts for 20-30% of the total amount due. If you are in debt but would like to avoid bankruptcy, call or email us today!
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