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Business Debt Workout (Beta)

At Calvo Law Offices we focus on moving forward. If you have business debt that is hindering you or your business, we can help. Whether your current business is struggling to meet its debt obligations, or if perhaps your recent business idea did not work out as planned, we are here to help you figure out the next steps.
We are experienced at negotiating with creditors and working out creative solutions for our clients. In the last ten years of practice, we have successfully assisted our clients in resolving personally guaranteed business debt, negotiated favorable repayment plans, and avoided bankruptcy and asset seizure.
When a client hires us to help with their business debt, the first thing we do is stop all direct communication between the creditors and our clients. This provides immediate relief and peace of mind. Then, we begin negotiating with the creditors and working our mutually agreeable solutions, focusing on avoiding litigation.
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