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North Naperville


Success Stories

Our office works tirelessly to to find the best solutions for our clients. Recent success stories include:

Loan Modifications

Naperville, Illinois 

Client had significant equity in investment property and was collecting significant rental payments. Client fell behind on payments. After working closely with the lender, our office modified the mortgage and retained significant equity.

Aurora, Illinois

Payments lowered from $1,736.46 to $1,377.88. Interest rate lowered from 5.5% to 4%. 

Foreclosure Defense

Lisle, Illinois 
Lender refused to obey our demand to cease communication with client after foreclosure proceedings had been initiated.  As a result, we sued the lender for violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. After years of aggressive litigation, the lender agreed to pay our client $50,000 to move out and waived any deficiency.

Plainfield, Illinois
Aggressive foreclosure defense for over two years culminated in a bench trial. The Bank of New York Mellon appeared in court and dismissed the Foreclosure Complaint instead of going forward to trial.


Geneva, Illinois
Client had over $1,000,000 in business and personal debts. Debts included personal credit cards, small business loans, real estate loans, attorney’s fees, etc. Successful chapter 7 filing resulted in a discharge of all personal obligations.