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Commercial Real Estate Transactions

With over 30 years experience in all facets of commercial real estate transactions, Calvo Law Offices, P.C. is able to provide our clients with the highest level of legal services in commercial real estate transactions throughout the United States.  Mr. Calvo has been involved in hundreds of CRE deals in different capacities including attorney, principal, broker, developer and investor. 


Early in his career Calvo represented a prominent Chicago developer of both commercial projects as well as large residential towers.  In varying roles as both inside and outside counsel for eight years he learned the CRE business while providing legal services and filling the role of corporate counsel.


In 1999 he began his development career as the founder and owner of Brownstone Development, LLC.  Brownstone developed over $100 million dollars of CRE including 15 freestanding drugstores on behalf of a national drugstore chain, the DuPage Medical Group building at 808 Rickert Drive in Naperville, Illinois, multi-tenant retail development projects, land development projects and CRE investment deals.


Since the downturn of 2009 his focus has turned from development to investment focused on multi-tenant medical & professional small to medium sized office buildings in the western suburbs of Chicago.


As both an active attorney working on behalf of CRE clients and as a principal hiring other CRE attorneys to work on his behalf, Mr. Calvo has unique insight into the value he can bring to his clients in his role as attorney.  Having paid other attorneys millions of dollars in legal fees provides invaluable experience working as an attorney on behalf of our firm’s clients.


As an active investor in the CRE market in Chicago, he is able to provide client’s with valuable market knowledge including deep knowledge and understanding of market rental rates, property valuations, market financing rates, referrals for outside consultants, and information and knowledge of all facets of a commercial real estate deals.  He is able to act in the role of consultant and attorney for many projects within his area of expertise.

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