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Land Use, Zoning and Development 

The complexities of the local land use ordinances and the municipality's interpretation of those ordinances creates a unique and constantly changing landscape in land use and zoning law. 



As developers and investors ourselves, our office offers distinct and tailored services to our clients that can account for their specific project goals and parameters. We have experience effectively communicating our clients' objectives with local elected officials and city staffers to accomplish our clients goals. We understand the value of protecting or enhancing our clients' property rights and specialize in representing landowners, builders, investors and developers.



Our services include the following:

  • Evaluation of a municipality's code and priorities related to the specific project

  • Contract drafting and negotiation 

  • Coordination and consultation with city or municipal planners and staff

  • Drafting petitions, applications, and other documents necessary for rezoning, variances,  subdivisions, and other land use matters

  • Communication with contractors and technical experts throughout the submittal process

  • Present the project to the public

  • Negotiate agreements with the City

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