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Success Stories

Homer Glen, Illinois June 2020 - Foreclosure Defense

Clients home was nearly $400,000 underwater. Four years of hard-hitting foreclosure defense lead to a settlement between our client and the lender. The lender ultimately agreed to waive any deficiency, pay our client $6,500 and allowed our client to live in the home an additional eight months. 


Roselle, Illinois August 2020 - Foreclosure Defense

Clients property was significantly underwater due to high balance on first and second mortgages. Our office aggressively defended the foreclosure for over four years. During that time our client was able to save a significant amount of money. Lender ultimately agreed to settle with our client. 


Wheeling, Illinois July 2020 - Foreclosure Defense

Bank filed suit in September 2012. Our office vigorously defended the foreclosure suit for eight years. Judgment was entered and client faced a deficiency of $238,000. Our office filed an appeal to the first district appellate court, forcing the bank to meet our client's demands for settlement. The bank waived the deficiency judgment and paid our client $4,500 for expenses.


Minooka, Illinois April 2020 - Bankruptcy

Filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy and successfully discharged $324,000 of personal debt.


Lockport, Illinois September 2019 - Foreclosure Defense

Defended pending foreclosure case for sixteen months. Client was able to complete her chapter 13 bankruptcy Repayment Plan and also secured a loan modification. Interest rate reduced from 4% to 2%.

Batavia, Illinois September 2019 - Loan Modification

Client defaulted on rental property. Extensive work with lender resulted in a significant loan modification. Payment reduced from $3,389 to $2,083.32. Interest rate reduced from 4.625% to 2.625%.

Batavia, Illinois August 2019 - Loan Modification

Client applied multiple times before hiring our office and was routinely denied. Our office successfully obtained a loan modification. Payment was reduced from $1,736.46 to $1,377.09. Interest rate reduced from 5.5% to 4%.

Naperville, Illinois July 2019- Foreclosure Defense

Successfully vacated an Order of Default and Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale. Subsequently worked with lender and obtained a loan modification. Payment reduced from $1,889.48 to $1,858.20. Interest rate reduced from 6.5% to 5%.


Brookfield, Illinois November 2018 - Bankruptcy

Filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy during pending foreclosure suit and successfully discharged $443,000 of debt and delayed foreclosure proceedings for five months.

Geneva, Illinois August 2018 - Bankruptcy
Client had over $1,000,000 in business and personal debt. Debts included personal credit cards, small business loans, real estate loans, attorney’s fees, etc. Successful chapter 7 bankruptcy filing resulted in a discharge of all personal obligations.

Lisle, Illinois July 2018- Foreclosure Defense
Lender refused to obey our demand to cease communication with client after foreclosure proceedings had been initiated.  As a result, we sued the lender for violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. After years of aggressive litigation, the lender agreed to pay our client $50,000 to move out and waived any deficiency.

Aurora, Illinois  January 2018 - Bankruptcy

Filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge personal liability of a second mortgage and successfully discharged $321,894.00 of personal debt.

Bloomingdale, Illinois November 2017 - Loan Modification
Monthly payment reduced from $4,307 interest only to $2,614.80 Principal and Interest. Interest rate reduced from 6.875% to 2% for the first five years.

Naperville, Illinois October 2017 - Loan Modification

Second lien holder reduced the principal balance from $107,000 to $62,500 and agreed to a new amortization schedule.

Aurora, Illinois July 2017 - Loan Modification

Monthly payment reduced from $4,468.62 interest only to $4,159.23 Principal and Interest. Interest rate reduced from 7.375% to 3.750%  fixed.


Homer Glen, Illinois June 2017 - Loan Modification

Worked closely with the loan servicer to prevent the filing of a foreclosure complaint for twenty months. Obtained a loan modification that forgave $231,108.39 of principal.

Lockport, Illinois May 2017 - Bankruptcy

Client faced a dramatic reduction of income. Our office filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy on behalf of the client and was able to successfully discharge $204,104.55 in personal debt. Our office simultaneously defended a pending foreclosure suit and secured a cash payment of $2,500 to client upon move our from the home. 

Plainfield, Illinois May 2017- Foreclosure Defense
Aggressive foreclosure defense for over two years culminated in a bench trial. The Bank of New York Mellon appeared in court and dismissed the Foreclosure Complaint instead of going forward to trial.

Naperville, Illinois April 2017 - Bankruptcy
Successfully secured a discharge of $167,000 of debt, including $23,000 of credit card debt, through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy while simultaneously defending foreclosure.

North Aurora, Illinois June 2016 - Foreclosure Defense
Defended residential foreclosure case and countersued Household Finance Corporation, resulting in a settlement waiving over $100,000 personal deficiency.

Naperville, Illinois May 2016 - Loan Modification
Obtained loan modification from Select Portfolio Servicing. Interest rate lowered from 9.07% to 3.135% fixed, resulting in monthly mortgage payments being reduced from $2,623.12 to $1,197.23. 

Naperville, Illinois December 2015 - Foreclosure Defense
Appeal to the Third District Court of Appeals results in a loan modification from Ocwen Loan Servicing with an $86,092 principal balance reduction and interest rate reduction from 9.95% to 3.91% fixed. Monthly payment reduced from $1,910 to $1,418.

Wheeling, Illinois May 2015 - Foreclosure Defense
Successfully defended a residential foreclosure for five years. Having rejected numerous loan modification offers from Wells Fargo, client received a complete waiver of personal deficiency exceeding $100,000 and a $2,500 relocation settlement payment.

Romeoville, Illinois June 2015 - Loan Modification
Coordinated with loan servicer to prevent filing of foreclosure action for twelve months and successfully secured a loan modification decreasing the monthly payment by 24% and reducing the interest rate from 6% adjustable to 3.25% fixed.

Oswego, Illinois June 2015 - Foreclosure Defense – Wells Fargo v. Wilmsen; 2015 IL App (2nd) 140778-U
Successfully appealed Kendall County trial court’s dismissal of counterclaim stemming from Well Fargo’s alleged breach of a forbearance agreement. Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale and Summary Judgment in favor of Plaintiff reversed and remanded to trial court for further proceedings.

Lombard, Illinois May 2015 - Foreclosure Defense
Defended residential foreclosure action for over two years ultimately securing waiver of personal deficiency and cash payment to borrower upon moving out of property.

Bolingbrook, Illinois January 2015 - Foreclosure Defense - Pro Bono
Secured a stay of sheriff’s sale for our client battling stage 2-breast cancer. After the sheriff sale had been scheduled, our office filed an emergency motion to stay the sale with the Illinois Court of Appeals, Third District. The sale was stayed while the appeal from the Will County foreclosure matter is reviewed.

Aurora, Illinois December 2014 - Loan Modification
45% principal balance reduction by Citimortgage, from $320,864.14 to $147,000.00 with an interest rate reduction from 5.125% to 2%.

Aurora, Illinois November 2014 - Foreclosure Defense
Successfully negotiated a waiver of a personal deficiency sought by Bank of America in the amount of $199,569.53.

Naperville, Illinois September 2014 - Loan Modification
31% principal balance reduction by Ocwen Loan Servicing, from $538,095.07 to $366,566.00.

Mettawa, Illinois July 2014 - Foreclosure Defense
Successfully brought forward a counterclaim against HSBC Bank while defending a mortgage foreclosure for HSBC’s violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - excessive collection calls.

Bolingbrook, Illinois June 2014 - Loan Modification
Aggressive litigation resulted in release of a mortgage lien in the amount of $78,238.29 held by Chase Bank.

Montgomery, Illinois September 2013 - Foreclosure Defense
Scheduled foreclosure sale was delayed and ultimately dismissed after the homeowner retained Calvo Law Offices and their loan modification application was finally approved.

Aurora, Illinois September 2013 - Loan Modification
47% principal balance reduction from $111,148.14 to $58,800, resulting in monthly mortgage payments reduced by $837.99, from $1,312.27 to $438.28. Adjustable interest rate reduced from 8.5% to 2% fixed.

Oswego, Illinois September 2013 - Loan Modification
Obtained a second mortgage modification from Wells Fargo after previously receiving a modification two years ago. The monthly payment was reduced by $959.23, from $3,630.82 to $2,671.59. The interest rate was reduced from 5.85% to 4%.

Naperville, Illinois March 2013 - Loan Modification
Residential mortgage from Ocwen Financial Corporation. Principal balance reduction in the amount of $102,960 from $339,960 to $237,000. Interest rate reduction from 10.125% to 3.53%.

St. Charles, Illinois January 2013 - Loan Modification
Monthly payment of $10,419 reduced to $7,743.

Chicago, Illinois November 2012
Obtained the full release of a personal liability for a commercial loan in excess of $1,730,000.00

Naperville, Illinois September 2012 - Loan Modification
Residential mortgage principal balance reduction from $422,360 to $345,000. Interest rate also reduced from 5.08% to 3.4%.


Byron, Illinois September 2012 - Foreclosure Defense
Successfully vacated co-signor's personal deficiency judgment in the amount of $67,419.94 and dismissed from the foreclosure case.


Joliet, Illinois July 2012 - Loan Modification
Residential mortgage from Citimortgage. Principal balance reduction in the amount of $107,387 from $151,387 to $44,000.


St. Charles, Illinois June 2012 - Loan Modification
Obtained full release and waiver of $87,950 second mortgage with $0 payment.


Lombard, Illinois April 2012
Settled commercial bank foreclosure action with personal deficiency liability in excess of three million dollars for $25,000. Also, received a full release of a $19,958.81 tax liability generated from the business activity.

New Lenox, Illinois August 2011 - Loan Modification
$630,000.00 business loan interest modified from 8.75% to 4%. Monthly payments decreased from $6,894 to $4,959,21.

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