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Foreclosure Defense

Calvo Law Offices is a leader in foreclosure defense with a history of representing over 1,000 homeowners in foreclosure.  Our expertise at obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients is unmatched.  Our reputation of fighting aggressively on behalf of our clients results in superior outcomes for our clients.  Many of our clients hire us after reaching a point of frustration and anger with their lenders.  We are able to take this frustration out of the situation and deliver results. 

Many property owners continue to make loan payments on "underwater" mortgages without a careful analysis of their options. Homeowners are depleting all available savings, liquidating retirement accounts and investment accounts, delaying the payment of critical federal and state tax liabilities, selling assets, borrowing money from family and friends all in a valiant effort to remain current on their real estate loans. These decisions make a bad situation much worse. Too many borrowers are limiting their options by waiting too long to seek legal and financial advice concerning their real estate loans. Unrealistic expectations of an improved market next season or next year can result in poor financial decisions today.

Success Stories

Aurora, Illinois October 2019
Lender filed for foreclosure in 2013. We sued the lender for violation of a Forbearance Agreement. After six years of defending the foreclosure, the lender agreed to dismiss the case and attempt to work out a modification.

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